Notifications are here!

Notifications are now available in the Resolve UI. You can access them by clicking the bell icon in the top left of your screen. You'll be notified about document uploads, comments, and soon daily summaries of all activity in the platform. Want other notifications? Let us know!

And More!

  • Significant performance improvements, most clients should see performance increase by 3x or more
  • New workspace tree is now available for beta testing
  • Enhancements to event filtering for our Jira integration
  • Even more, coming soon! Resolve v8.0.0 laid the groundwork for a lot of exciting features soon to come. v8.0.1 will include brand new details and mini details pages, enabling you to explore information in Resolve easier than ever.

Bug Fixes

  • Trying to create a user group with a preexisting name was causing transaction errors
  • Updated workbench projects grid info cards. Also, fixed an issue where clicking on project grid info cards was not applying filter on the grid
  • While creating a user, email address was not being trimmed for extra spaces. This is fixed now
  • Option to correlate a master finding within workspace is removed