New Details Pages!

Clicking on a row in the main grids will bring in small and medium sized panels right next to the grid, now you don’t have to navigate to an entire new page to view comments or check out the findings on a project!

And More!

  • Administrators can now set up their authentication settings and configure their remediation SLAs. Don't see these options? Reach out to to be added as an administrator.
  • Notifications are now delivered with a beautiful new email template! Additionally, users are now notified when projects enter the In Progress and Pending Retest states
  • You can now set finding and instances to "User Remediated". Have a vulnerability that won't go through NetSPI retesting but you still want to mark as remediated? This new state allows you to manage your remediation even if NetSPI isn't performing retesting. 

Bug Fixes

  • Updating authorization for an export template from 'Select BU' to 'All BU' was failing with an error.
  • Verification image deletion was not getting saved
  • IBM JSON Export was exporting records based on search results, not selected record
  • Active tenants drop down was not in alphabetical order
  • Custom fields tab was missing when a project is opened which doesn't belong to current active tenant
  • 'Export to CSV' option was exporting all data ignoring currently active tenant
  • Parent tenant field was not showing the original value if that particular tenant is not in user's authorisation scope
  • A track user was able to download unauthorised documents from workbench under certain conditions
  • Updated info cards in Track entities
  • Extremely large verification was not loading in UI and thus causing the UI to freeze
  • When moving a project to a different BU, the workspace client ID was not being update
  • Some users were unable to move verification item from instance details screen
  • Instance Verification label text was incorrect
  • Similar instances grid was blank on an instance details page