New Features:

  • Risk Overview Dashboard
    As part of NetSPI’s ongoing commitment to helping our clients find and fix their vulnerabilities faster, we’re excited to bring you our new Risk Overview Dashboard. On your navigation bar expand “Dashboard” and select “Risk Overview” to learn more.  
    • What is Risk Scoring and What Does it Tell Me?
      NetSPI’s Risk Score is a proprietary formula that considers various factors including:
      • The number of findings in a project 
      • The types and severities of those findings  
      • External factors (changes in the threat landscape and your organization’s industry) 
    • Is My Risk Score Good or Bad?
      The higher your risk score, the more risk our formula has identified. It is indicative of a project, finding, or asset that may need to be addressed with higher priority.
    • What Do My Other Risk Score Metrics Tell Me?
      • Application, network, and cloud risk scores are the weighted average of all project risk scores for those types of assessments. For example, application includes web application, mobile, API and thick application testing. Network includes internal, external and wireless network assessments. 
      • Industry comparison is calculated by NetSPI benchmarking the risk scores of our clients against their industry peers. This can be used as a metric to show how you stack up to others in your industry. Note: if your industry comparison is empty, please reach out to your account or customer success manager.
    • How Do I Customize My Risk Score? 

      Currently, NetSPI’s Risk Score is a proprietary process that adapts over time from client feedback, changes in the industry and the threat landscape. In early 2022, we’ll be releasing additional finding-level risk score enhancements that allow our clients to provide additional business context of their organization, to improve the accuracy of their risk scores. 

  • New and improved notifications for Questionnaire Assignment
  • Various multi-tenancy enhancements
  • Questionnaire URL sync with Financial Force

Bug Fixes:

  • Project filter was not automatically applied on asset selection grid while creating an instance.
  • Multiple issues with Financial Force sync
  • Search was not properly stripping trailing whitespaces
  • Updating details of a SAML user was returning errors
  • Report generation was failing with timeout error for very large workspaces
  • Assigning users on findings in bulk was changing the finding state
  • Info card on assets grid in project details improvements