New Features

  • Bulk uploading of assets while adding manual instances enhancements:
    • Default protocol (TCP) and port (80/443) will be populated in the instance details if it is not provided with the URLs in bulk upload data.
    • Uploading IPs in bulk now supports additional protocol information:
      • Example format for upload:
  • New API endpoint to get the list of project types
  • API responses now contain field names as well as the IDs
  • A one time risk score recalculation has been done for all overdue remediation instance within the past two years
  • Added support for instance custom fields in reports
  • New and improved dashboard charts and graphs

Bug Fixes

  • Logging enhancements for Master Finding updates, Questionnaire management and Project Types management under Admin module.
  • Performance optimizations for FinancialForce
  • 'Download asset report' button in Scan Monster is now working properly
  • Vulnerability Manager dashboard will now refresh when switching tenants
  • Assigned Finding grid now loads properly in Remediator Dashboard
  • Authorization error will no longer occur when navigating to the Checklist templates tab in the Project Types details pages