New Workspace Beta Tree

The workspace tree has had an upgrade! The design has been improved as well as the performance. Make sure to give it a try by going to the three dot menu on the workspace tab and clicking Enable Beta Tree Features. If you have any feedback, make sure to let us know. Not to worry, the expand and collapse feature is coming soon! 

And More!

  • Consultant and other project roles are now available as columns in the project grids. The user can now search and filter for these roles.
  • API tokens have been added to the user profile page, this allows users to view and copy their token without relying on admins. Please note: the API token will only be available to you if your admin has set it up for you or you are an admin yourself.
  • Concurrent logins are now disabled.
  • A new project roll "Remediation Test Consultant" has been added.
  • A new field "Remediation Test Scope" has been added to the project details section.
  • Added audit logs for Workspace actions and FinancialForce integration.

Bug Fixes

  • Major changes to the risk score calculation to improve accuracy. 
  • Users will no longer experience an issue in bulk upload where affected URL and port/protocol were not being  populated if URLs were missing http:// or https:// headers.
  • Added a confirmation message when rotating an API token to prevent users from generating new tokens accidentally.
  • Task names on the project checklists now wrap to make them more readable.
  • UI Improvements to the Program Management Dashboard graphs. 
  • Users will no longer see the Vulnerability Manager Dashboard as their default landing page if they do not have permission.
  • API tokens will now be immediately deleted after a user is deactivated.
  • Affected Assets and Services table will now populate in reports if instances are marked as Not Remediated and Not Retested.