New Features

  • Beta workspace tree improvements:
    • Added expand and collapse
    • Instances are now grouped by default severity instead of assigned severity
    • When changing an instance state, the tree will not reload
    • Add Manual Instance has been added to right click menu
  • Clients will now receive a satisfaction survey when a project is completed.
  • Mitre Tactic and Technique fields have been added to finding details and reports. 
  • Project grid columns now support word wrapping. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the count empty properties was showing incorrectly in the Project Overview.
  • Fixed a bug where columns were not loading when applying saved filters.
  • Fixed a bug where recalculation of SLAs was affecting instances but not findings.
  • Various UI/UX improvements and security fixes.

Beta Features

  • Kickoff document bug fixes and improvements.
  • Notification Management:
    • Added functionality to allow selection of project states / severities for notifications.