Notification Management has arrived!

Too many Resolve notifications in your inbox? From now on you'll have complete control over which notifications you receive with notification management. 

  • Subscribe to either in app notifications, email notifications, or both for each category.
  • Receive all emails or group them in a convenient daily summary by clicking on the gear icon on the right. 
  • Only want to know about certain project states and finding severities? No problem, you can pick and choose what you'd like to receive notifications for. 
  • Unsubscribe/subscribe from projects at any time by going to the project overview page and clicking on the three dot menu. 

For a complete run down of all the features, please visit the Notification Management article.

And More!

  • New and improved workspace tree is now the default tree. If you need to access the classic tree, you can do so by clicking on the three dot menu and selecting "Enable classic tree".
  • Users can now submit new project requests by clicking on "Request New Project" in the top right hand corner of the Program Management Dashboard.
  • All columns in grids are now resizable.
  • The report template list is now sorted alphabetically and searchable. 
  • Major changes to user access. Users will be able to access all other users who share the same authorization scope regardless of the fact if they are in the same user group or not.
  • New importer for Nipper. 
  • Burp suite importer now supports multiple requests/response pairs in verification items.

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes to the new workspace tree:
    • Added keyboard shortcuts
    • Added missing option to copy IP addresses and Ports
    • UX fixes to the hover
    • Fixed a bug where it was not allowing users to change master finding variation
  • Users will not longer experience intermittent timeouts while adding Scan Monster Project scopes to projects.
  • Remediation test start and end date are now visible in the bulk edit options. 
  • Fixed a bug in which bulk edit was failing to update custom fields. 
  • Fixed a bug where focus of the cursor was moving away from RTE text box after adding a timestamp.
  • Various UI/UX improvements and security fixes. 

Beta Features

  • All kickoff templates are now available for testing.
  • Users are now able to tag other users in comments. 
  • Support for new templates in In-Product Reporting. 
  • In-Product Reporting now supports generation of reports with empty workspaces.