New Kickoff Feature

To collaborate seamlessly at the start of a new project, Kickoff documentation can be found in the Kickoff tab in Resolve. Within this tab you can create, edit, publish, and view Kickoff information.

  • Once the Kickoff tab is published, track users have the ability to update the status of individual items on the Action Items tab.
  • Project Scope, Project Start and End Date, and Report Due Date will now be populated in the Project Overview directly from this Kickoff documentation. These will be populated automatically with no need to publish.
  • If you need an extra copy of the documentation, you can download the report in full as a PDF.

For a full breakdown of all the notification features, please reference Utilizing the Kickoff Tab for Track users and Creating Kickoff Documentation for Workbench users. 

Need to reach a specific someone? Comment tagging is now available! 

Resolve supports comment mentions. Simply type "@" and the first few letters of the person you would like to tag and select them from the drop down. If you'd like to only receive notifications when someone mentions you, you can customize that by clicking on the gear icon on the Comment Actions row in Notification Settings and selecting "Only receive notifications when mentioned".For a complete breakdown of Notification Settings, please see Notification Management. 

And More!

  • Risk Score calculation has been updated to include Instance Remediation Score. This will prevent incorrect score calculation where Findings are not remediating but some of its instances are.
  • Added an additional project role called Customer Support Manager.

Bug Fixes

  • Workspace tree is now grouped by default severity.
  • Fixed an issue where the refresh button in the comment section was not working.
  • Added IP Address validation while adding an Asset.
  • Fixed a bug where hitting the enter key refreshes the page while adding an item to "Pin to Navigation" list.
  • Various UI/UX and security fixes.

Beta Features

  • In Product Reporting is now available for all NetSPI users with a select set of templates. Many fixes and improvements have been added as well for this feature. For a breakdown of In Product reporting please see Generate a Report Using In Product Reporting.