Risk Overview Dashboard now supports data exporting

Users can now export certain sections of the Risk Overview Dashboard. This feature allows the user to view the graph full screen, print the chart, and download as various formats. 

And More!

  • Kickoff Enhancements:
    • Three new Kickoff templates have been added and one has been removed.
    • Users will now receive notifications for Kickoff action items. This can be configured in the Notification Settings.
    • The Kickoff tables are now resizable.
    • When selecting a Kickoff template, they will now be listed in alphabetical order.
    • Text changes to multiple templates. 
    • Removed the status column in the Requirements tab. 
  • Rich text fields now support multi level bullets.
  • Images can now be inserted into the Verification Instructions and other rich text fields available in Master Findings. It will also be visible in the related checklists, findings, and instances.
  • Added a new Verification Timestamp field on the instance level. 
  • Users can now mark all notifications as read or unread. 
  • Added new scan importers for NowSecure Workstation and JFrog in Resolve workspace.
  • Added the ability to add Remediation Testing Notes for findings for Remediation Testing in In-App reports.
  • The focus panels are now defaulted to large.
  • Track users will now receive a confirmation pop up when changing the Remediation State of a finding.

Bug Fixes

  • Kickoff Bug Fixes:
    • The additional notes section will now appear in the PDF once downloaded. 
    • UI fixes to certain fields for better readability
    • If a section is blank, such as the Cancellation Policy, this will not be shown in the downloaded PDF.
    • Various text additions and removal of some fields
    • Fixed date format and text wrapping issues in the PDF
  • Users will no longer be able to update non-editable fields in the project details page via browser development tools
  • Instances will now display a different icon for Final and Not Retested statuses. 
  • Performance improvements while moving projects between tenants.
  • UI loading fixes to the Project Dashboard grid
  • Fixed a bug where users were not able to update their user profile if the default tenant was not in their auth scope.
  • Fixed layout issues in In Product Reporting.
  • Fixed a bug where In Product Reporting was displaying previously opened projects report intermittently.
  • Fixed a bug where search keywords were overlapping in project workspaces.
  • Fixed a bug where downloaded PDF's were missing .pdf extension.
  • Fixed a bug where project assignees were receiving duplicate notifications when a project was marked as Complete. 
  • Various UI/UX and security fixes.