Manage your teams notifications

As a Client Admin you can now customize what notifications your team receives. You can do so by going to Settings > Admin Notifications. Along with this feature comes two new notification categories: Finding Remediation Due and Finding Remediation Overdue. If turned on your team will receive notifications when a Finding is due or overdue for Remediation. The frequency of these emails can be configured by your team in their Notification Settings. 

And More!

  • Added new API's to fetch user details and update assets.
  • When saving filters on a grid, sorting preferences will now be saved.
  • User can now opt in to Finding Remediation Due and Overdue notifications once turned on by their Client Admin. 
  • Comment tabs now have a refresh option. 
  • The Communication and Escalation Procedure section in the Kickoff tab can now be reordered. 
  • Various grids now support opening entities in new tabs. For example, you can now open a project in a new tab from the Projects Dashboard. 
  • A new section called Resolve Access has been added to the Kickoff Tab. Users can easily add in their team members who need access to Resolve in this section. 

Bug Fixes

  • When downloading a large document, a progress bar will be shown in the browser.
  • Admin users are no longer able to see another users API token.
  • Anchorman and In Product Reporting now show default severity for vulnerabilities instead of assigned severity. 
  • SAML Identity Providers and Allow List available under Track > Authentication Settings can no longer be enabled unless they are configured. 
  • Project overdue calculation is now based on the projects Report Due Date instead of the End Date. 
  • Users will no longer receive a bug when changing authorization scope of a user group. 
  • Fixed a bug which was stopping deletion of workspaces and projects if an In Product Report exists. 
  • Audit logs are now being generate when downloading report and generating Kickoff documents. 
  • Various security and UI/UX fixes.