Multi factor Authentication is here!

New user enrollment is now simple, upgraded and more secure! When setting up a new user account the user will be sent an email where the new user can finish the process themselves. It allows the user to select a MFA app that will secure their login. Current users can update their security by going to their profile and selecting the MFA tab. Please note the user must have a valid phone number with country code for this to work. 
Looking for more info on MFA in Resolve? Check it out here!

And More!

  • Resolve now supports various TOTP authentication apps along with older SMS authentication. Users also have ability to switch between any authenticator app or SMS.  
  • Users can now change their password from their user profile page.
  • When updating or changing passwords users will get an alert if the password is not secure enough.
  • Comments will now auto save drafts. Any comment added to any entity will auto save as draft until the user decides to publish the comment. 
  • Jira integration now includes Epic name as system field. 
  • Project survey emails now contains project manager details. 
  • External API enhancement:
    • Clients are now able to access all users with same parent tenant as well as users assigned to projects within client’s authorization scope. 
    • Updated error messages with better error descriptions for external API. 
  • Notification's now have the ability to configure specific recipient types per notification category.

Bug Fixes

  • While creating severity override, project type does not appear in drop down unless user has full BU access. 
  • Project assignment notification is no longer bypassing user notification settings for projects that the user has specifically subscribed. 
  • Browser crashes upon ctrl+click on checklist items has been resolved. 
  • Manage workspace data source import grid resets the default checkbox selection if trying to perform additional search has been resolved. 
  • Fixed issue where role as 'Client' in Resolve Access tab of Kickoff document is replaced with client name in download. 
  • CVSS V3.1 related fixes in anchorman reports.
  • Fixed Physical Location of asset are not displayed on asset grid and ids are not fetched in GET assets API response. 
  • Validations added to some fields in asset bulk edit API request. 
  • All findings are no longer displayed in In-product report irrespective of selected workspace. 
  • Client admin left nav settings entity is not visible when switching the tenant.
  • Admin user can add users to other user groups accessible via shared authorized tenant. 
  • Various UI/UX and security fixes.