Highlighted Feature
Grid Filter Enhancement

While creating filters in the grid a user can enhance their search with OR logic as well as AND logic. The user can create new filters, combining the AND/OR Logic to get more detailed results. 

And More!

  • Project Managers will now receive notifications for when added on Findings. 
  • New and enhanced In-product reporting for MAPEN, TAPEN, & WAPEN templates.
  • Project artifact tab is live. Netspi Consultant - Workbench users will be able to upload/delete artifacts related to a project. 
  • New import processor service implemented. Importers do not reply on outdated NiFi workflows. 

Bug Fixes

  • Users will receive notifications for comments they are tagged in, regardless of if they are subscribed to that project or not.
  • Fixed a bug where parts of a comment were lost while auto-saving the drafts. 
  • Fixed a bug in Nessus importer where it was missing population of affected URL in instances. 
  • Enrollment emails will not be sent to SSO users. 
  • All users are able to set the default tenant in their user profile. 
  • Removed false authorization error message when users go to projects grid with partial access to that tenant. 
  • Resolved new vulnerabilities in this release. 
  • Various UI/UX security fixes