Highlighted Feature

Client User Management

Client Admins can now create new users, set user permissions and assign to projects. Admins have the ability to view all created users as well as edit any of those existing users. 

And More!

  • New in-app report template for Network Architecture Review. 
  • External APIs to search master findings. 
  • User defined fields now supported in In-app reports. 
  • More reliable and enhanced notification email delivery service. 

Bug Fixes

  • Instance count for assets are now visible. 
  • Tables IPR (In product reporting) PDFs will not stretch out of page boundary. 
  • Users can update default severity on multiple findings via bulk edit option. 
  • Master finding variation can be changed on checklist tasks. 
  • Project assignment notifications will not be sent to inactive users. 
  • Checklist grid will load if UID columns are enabled.
  • Remediation date on finding will be updated properly now if findings are marked Remediated via automated workflows. 
  • Filters in MTI configuration are working properly now. 
  • Fixed an authorization bypass in MFA reset functionality. 
  • Users can now reset text fields while editing entities via bulk edit option. 
  • Daily notifications reports to PMs is no longer out of sync. 
  • Findings grid and detail pages will no more show different CVSS scores. 
  • Hostnames will not be populated as affected URL while creating instances in bulk. 
  • Users will no longer receive project notifications after unsubscribing from selected project.
  • Up & down arrow keys work as expected.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in workspaces are fixed. 
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts for Safari browser as some of the existing ones were conflicting with inbuilt Safari shortcuts. 
  • Delete key on keyboard works while editing texts.
  • Users can no longer select inactive tenants. 
  • Captions for images attached to verification items can now be edited.  
  • Blank comments cannot be added to in-app reports.  
  • Various UI/UX security fixes.