Are you looking to set up new users for your Tenant in Resolve? Now the Tenant Admin can add, setup, and edit users without having to wait for Customer Success or the Project Mangers to input them into Resolve. Follow this simple step by step process and manage your users. 

Follow 3 easy steps to add, edit & manage new users

Step 1: Access User Manager

The Client Tenant Admin will have access to a new tab "Users" under settings. If this tab is not visible please reach out to Customer Success and they will validate the permissions to see this feature. 

Step 2: Add a User

  1. Click Add user button 
  2. There will be three sections to fill out in the process. 
  3. Personal Info Section - Fill out the form.  Select Point of Contact box if this user is who NetSPI should contact with any questions or updates
  4. Role Selection Section - Select what type of access the new user should have.
  5. Projects Section - Admins are able to add the new users auth scope to any of the projects that they themselves are scoped to

Step 3: Edit a User

Admins are also able to Edit users in their tenant. Select the name of the user to be edited. The User's profile will open. On the right state admin can  change the state status to inactive which will disable this account.

  • Personal Info - All info can be edited. 
  • Roles- Will display the read or read/ write access the user has
  • Projects can be added or removed
  • API - can generate API Token 
  • MFA - can update users MFA settings

If you have any questions please reach out to customer success. 


Q: If the client uses SAML can they still set up with this? If they can't do we have a process for them to still be set up?

A: Yes, SAML users can also be setup. Usually when SAML user tries to login for the very first time, their account gets created. Later admin can setup their permissions and auth scope. Or if admin has already created their user account and has set their permissions and auth scope; SAML users will be able to login.

Q: Can admins make users inactive?

A: Yes, If a client admin changes the state of an active user to INACTIVE then further login gets disabled for that user.