New Features And More!

  • Removed restrictions on file types while uploading documents in projects. 
  • Added option to make a comment mandatory while marking Checklist tasks completed or NA. 
  • Added external APIs to correlate master findings, search correlation and bulk correlation. 
  • Added ability to filter out internal (NetSPI) projects on grids. 
  • Added scope survey for consultants when a project is completed. 
  • Added notification when a document is edited. 
  • Added new column for comments count on various grids. 
  • Permissions for project types is divided into read and write permission instead of a single function permission. 
  • Multiple Kickoff document updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Focused details panel for all entities will be disabled by default. 
  • Severity override will work as expected if an override condition is present for Default project type. 
  • Fixed a bug that was causing tagged users to be removed from all the comments if it is removed from one comment. 
  • Project ID column in Findings grid now shows correct project IDs. 
  • Fixed issue while adding more than one image in the beginning of the list for in-product reporting. 
  • Various UI/UX security fixes