Highlighted Feature

Program Management Dashboard

  • Keep track of all your active projects in one simple view. Know where you are in your project at any given time by viewing the Project Status Timeline. Easily check in on open action items, new findings, findings due for remediation, and let NetSPI know when you’re ready for a Retest.
  • Get a quick summary of your scheduled, in progress, pending retest and completed projects using the Project Status Tiles.
  • Never miss a remediation due date or a new project and much more with the new Calendar Widget.
  • Filter on comments, mentions, document uploads, and state changes to quickly find what you are looking for in the Notifications Widget.
  • Want to get a hold of your NetSPI team? With one click, you can now utilize the Get in Touch Dropdown to effortlessly connect with your team!

New Features and More!

  • Kickoff template can now be edited via PMO Admin
  • Update Kickoff templates to pull automated delivery dates
  • Notification Updates
    • PMO slack integration
    • Notification sent to PM for consultant scope survey completion
    • Notification overload resolved for NetSPI U
  • In Product Reporting 
    • Allows ability to remove names from appendix
    • Decouple contacts from project to report (toggle in project overview)
    • Updates to MAPEN report template
  • ASM Tab Updates
    • Can switch workspaces while starting scan
    • Error messages are updated to reflect ASM
    • Verifications imported are displayed
  • Peer Review Requested filter updated
  • Overview updated to pull CSM from Sales Force
  • Findings Grid - new column to Cross Reference  project workspaces in workbench
  • Finding and Instance automation status clean up
  • Consultant Scope survey will accurately display the project name
  • Logs, API's and various scanning updates

Bug Fixes

  • Can now remove assigned user from findings via bulk edit options
  • User should be logged out if idle timeout is over
  • Comment count column is visible on Track and is shows the correct count for the module selected
  • Fixed issue with filters on grids Yes and No when tenant is changed
  • Document tab no longer shows Unknown file type
  • Verification count section in project metrics displays count 
  • Cannot assign unauthorized user to finding through bulk edit
  • User will not get Authorization error with `Admin Project Type`  for questionnaire template tab
  • Downloaded report and Kickoff extension name special characters fixed for more then one dot
  • Various UI/UX security fixes