New Features and More!

  • CWE ID code is now displayed on findings details view and searchable along with CWE Name in master findings
  • BU's are alphabetically sorted when creating severity Overrides
  • Program Management Dashboard calendar displays Remediation Test Start Date, Remediation Test End Date and Remediation Expiration Date
  • Users receive a notification if they are assigned a finding
  • Verifications count section in project metrics shows verification Id
  • SCR Service Line importer Semgrep integrated into resolve
  • Increase Audit log for IPR report download

Kick Off updates

  • Remediation expiration date & Remediation test date rows added to all KO documents
  • Disable row functionality is added to the above rows so they are not mandatory for every KO
  • Project Overview displays Remediation expiration date from KO 

IPR Updates

  • CVSS 3.1 vector string along with base score is supported
  • All users have authorization to resolve comments in report
  • Back to project button added in report edit view
  • Project name is now the default report name 
  • Editing button focus area is expanded
  • Findings that are "Not Retested" should reflect as "Not Retested" in In-App remediation reports

IPR Template Additions

  • Application - Attestation Template
  • TAPEN Remediation Template
  • TAPEN 5 Severities Remediation Template
  • MAPEN Remediation Template


Bug Fix's

  • Project state change is saved when a drafted comment is present on project
  • UDF performance Issues updated
  • Data Lab UI will not resize when entry is selected
  • Fixed user notification for subscribed project error
  • Survey email ' view survey' button displays correctly
  • Fixed file upload to Artifacts in Resolve truncates the filename after a "#" if it exists 
  • Fixed In-App reporting adding scenarios with instances and no description
  • Updated Client admin role to appropriately allow administration to their own projects
  • Various UI/UX security fixes