New Features and More!

  • Universal CSV Verification imports allow for bold/red/code-blocks
  • API Enhancement for findings & instances endpoints
  • Removed Master Finding 'References'  & renamed 'Other References' to 'Report References'
  • UI will refresh between track & workbench module selection
  • Master Finding default filters updated
  • Solution Architect synced from Financial Force to Resolve
  • Scope Survey will notify PMO, Account Owner & Solution Architect when completed
  • Verification Items moved to top of Instance details section in UI
  • Nifi workflows Migrated to a new framework for better preformance
  • Track < Project details - 2 project attribute fields have been added which can be filtered in grids
  • Update Password Character Limit and Error Message to max 64 char
  • Added publish property on finding/Instance search in external API

    ASM Integration

  • API Permission update
  • Allow Invalid CIDR ranges included in UI

    Kick Off updates

  • Full Onsite Social Engineering - Kickoff template added

    IPR Updates

  • OWASP table removed from MAPEN & WAPEN templates
  • Reports can be deleted on report grid page
  • Description in report comment is added to the notification 

    IPR Template Addition

  • Remediation Template in IPR for WAPEN 5 Severities Remediation
  • RPT-4337 Create Remediation Template in IPR for WAPEN Remediation

Bug Fixes

  • Copy and Paste Issue solved
  • Copy Verification Items will now retain the order
  • CWE will properly remove from master finding after save
  • XML Burp scan results properly import into sources tab
  • CWE Logic in Anchorman code change
  • Update password creation error if password is on Pwned List
  • Fixed Error message happening on checklist when save is clicked twice
  • Various UI/UX security fixes

    ASM Integration

  • Integration fixed when BU has multiple zones
  • Integration fixed Empty data sources being created
  •  IPR notification fixed around comments
  • Updated graceful errors received in ASM tab