New Features and More! 

  • Project data set to Read Only after the project is completed (documentation found here)
  • Deleted checklist templates can now be recovered 
  • Comment titles updated to properly match where the comment is assigned ie. "Recent Project Comments"
  • Error message shown if the user does not have access to an entity 
  • Under finding and instances, users can now set the status to “Ready for Retest” instead of “Pending Retest” 
  • Client accepted risk now translates to remediation reports (documentation found here)
  • Updated the dropdown list of Port Protocols within the Instance Information to no longer have HTTP
  • Notifications are now sent when the client’s remediation expiration is 45 days away to clients, PM's and CSM's
  • “Created By” column added in the user grid 
  • The affected URL is now populated in instances created via the bulk upload option 
  • Underscores are now removed from master findings’ names created by Checkmarx 

Kick Off Update

  • HDAP (Human-Driven Automated Penetration testing) is here!

IPR Template Addition

  • New Red Team IPR Template

Bug Fixes 

  • UI menu now accurately updates when using a browser’s forward/backward buttons
  • Fixed bug where the page would crash after a user tries to add inactive BU to the authorization scope of user groups
  • When users have multiple dashboards, the tab now displays “Dashboards” instead of “Dashboard”
  • Users can now be created without filling out the optional data fields
  • Notifications processor no longer stalls
  • False success response no longer received for account recovery when on notification email is sent
  • Leading whitespaces in filters are now removed
  • Various UI/UX security fixes