New Features And More!

  • ChurnZero connected with account sync
  • Retest dashboard for ExPen launched
  • Workato implementation of ServiceNow
  • Additional app integration support
  • ASM Integration dropdown for scan workflows
  • Remap FF to resolve project types
  • Project assignment toggle permissions for report updated
  • Vulnerability dashboard project list added to filter
  • Filter in grids now has "does not contain" for QA review
  • User profile now has user time zone, city and state info
  • Scope Survey will now have original scope labeled
  • Master Findings have additional text field for OWASP meta data
  • Project gets updated from FFI after soft delete in resolve

IPR Updates

  • Upload functionality in workbench report tab
  • Report tab live in track 

IPR Template Addition

  • InPen + InPen Remediation
  • Expen + Expen Remediation
  • Attestation letter for Red team

Bug Fixes

  • Assigned user filter on questionnaire grid fixed
  • SAML users are able to update their user profile
  • Vulnerability trend project filter fixed
  • Instances from completed projects should be skipped from bulk edit
  • Track page is launched when a track user clicks on Calendar from left menu options
  • Various UI/UX security fixes