New Features And More! 

  • ChurnZero: Project data with delivery milestone fields syncs to ChurnZero UI 
  • Projects are set to read only when status is complete

ASM Fixes

  • ASM IP uploader now displays the accepted format types 
  • An error box now appears when an IP is entered that cannot be scanned

IPR Updates

  • New IPR template is available for Microsoft 365 Configuration Review 
  • CSV automatically generates and uploads to track when IPR report is published 
  • IPR finding editor UI improvements

Financial Force

  • When an account or milestone is created in Resolve by Financial Force integration, the ID of the BU and Project is now sent back to Financial Force 
  • The project type listed in Financial Force now matches and syncs with what appears in Resolve

Other Bugs 

  • Instances and findings are now able to be copied when the project is in read only 
  • Program management dashboard now shows the start date 
  • Vulnerability ID now accurately displays in both the doc report and the CSV report 
  • Report templates now show Business Impact from the master finding 
  • Resolve comment page numbers now accurately display 
  • Bug that allowed mandatory comments to be bypassed has been patched
  • Bulk moving projects between BUs bug has been patched