New Features And More!

  • New Executive Summary templates for WAPen, ExPen, InPen, MAPen service lines 
  • New report template for Red Team Operations (Assumed Breach)
  • Added Description and Published Date columns on reports grid for non-IPR reports/documents 
  • Report revision history section is added to all IPR reports 
  • Added ability to see the details and compare scope added in Resolve versus actual ASM scan scope 
  • ASM integration will now automatically sync additional scan results from ASM when a user navigates to the ASM tab in Resolve
  • Creating a new instance for a User Remediated finding will generate a new Finding ID

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a performance issue while copying a huge number of instances from a workspace 
  • Retest dashboard performance enhancement
  • Users will receive a notification for report comments if they are specifically mentioned irrespective of notification subscription status for that particular project 
  • Fixed a bug in project dates that was causing different users to see different dates 
  • Fixed various issues in the Red Team Operations (Black Box) report template