New Features And More!

  • Added notification support for reports uploaded in the Reports tab
  • Users now have the option to generate a CSV report while publishing an in-product report
  • Added support for BChecks in the Burp Suite importer
  • Performance upgrade for the Retest Dashboard
  • The "View Report" option in program management now redirects the user to the Reports tab instead of the Documents tab
  • All in-product reports will now include copyright information
  • The user requesting a retest from the Program Management Dashboard is now tracked in the email notification
  • An edit option has been added for documents uploaded in the Reports tab
  • Updated Attack SIM IDs in Master Findings
  • CSVs generated while publishing an in-product report will now have blank values instead of null for empty fields

Bug Fixes

  • Repopulating data in an in-product report will not fail if a finding with comments in the report is unpublished
  • The "Last Published Date" column in the Reports tab now shows the correct published date
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the scope details page in the ASM tab to display a blank field
  • ChurnZero integration will now ignore internal projects
  • Fixed a bug that was causing completed ASM scan status to be displayed as in progress in some projects
  • Multiple fixes for the in-product reports tab