New Features And More!

  • New in-product report template for API Penetration testing and Human-Driven Automated Penetration Test
  • Added OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks in master finings, findings and reports

  • New scope survey for Project Managers

  • Clients will now receive notifications when an in-product report is published

  • Added automation to keep Findings and Instances in sync for Not Remediated state.

  • Changed the way default checklists are added to the project. Now default checklist will be added when user triggers it instead of when project is created.

  • Added a permission for publishing an in-product report. Users without this permission will not be able to publish IPR reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Expen IPR reports will now show correct number of Affected Assets count
  • IPR - target locator for comments now works correctly
  • No more trailing bullet points references section in IPR report
  • Fixed a bug that was causing instances to hide in workspace if a correlation happens
  • Report refrence section will not be missing in IPR reports if there are no verifications added to the instance
  • Instance state and remediation state will always be in sync for Remediated and User Remediated state
  • Users are now able to delete comments from reports regardless if comment contains a tagged user or not
  • Other Vulnerability fixes